Our mission is to create accessible, cost-effective, digital therapeutic solutions that empower people to improve their own lives.

Chronic Pain & Stress in the US

100 Million Americans suffer from chronic pain, which is more than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined!

$600B is spent annually on chronic pain! $285B in direct medical costs and $315B in lost productivity and lower wages. 

Treatment methods for chronic pain and stress are often inadequate and can have negative side effects.


Digital Therapeutics


Better outcomes

Evidence-based digital therapeutic solutions, as effective as drugs without the negative side effects

Better patient experience

Fewer office visits, instant feedback and personalized treatment from the comfort and convenience of home

Reduced costs

Better physician throughput, fewer diagnostics, and fewer unnecessary referrals

Increased productivity

When people feel better, they perform better.  Chronic pain and stress related conditions are a leading cause of absenteeism for employers.